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Road Safety Campaign


There are a disproportionally high level of road deaths and car accidents in Qatar. To change or effect people’s behaviour on the road is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks for advertising and communications. Getting the balance right between having an effect on people and influencing their behaviour is difficult.


To build on the strong work of the Traffic Department’s One Second campaign, ExxonMobil tasked Frame with developing a full CSR activation programme made up of Community Engagement, Social Media, Events, and Advertising. Frame created a unique, simple and powerful creative campaign. The creative communicated the fact that there is a thin line between sensible safe driving and dangerous road behaviour that can result in deaths and injuries. The execution is deliberately simple, so as to be understood by all nationalities and ages. The graphic style mixed with highly creative media use (illuminated outdoor) creates great stand out and grabs the viewer’s attention.


The campaign has received fantastically positive feedback, engaging with the community and received widespread media coverage.

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