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Qatar ExxonMobil
Open from 2010 to 2023


ExxonMobil, a global leader in energy and technology, aimed to optimize their brand visibility and CSR initiatives through their title sponsorship of the Qatar ExxonMobil Open. The challenge lay in annually creating innovative campaigns that resonated with diverse audiences and effectively communicated their business and CSR values.



Every year, our agency devised a dynamic strategy that seamlessly integrated ExxonMobil's business goals and CSR activities into the tournament’s campaign. The chosen campaign theme, selected each year, varies  from promoting sustainability and STEM education to environment and research advocacy. We also explored campaigns centered around the sport of tennis itself, emphasizing its significance and influence. For each campaign, the team work on creating a strategy that acts as the cornerstone for all communications.


Our approach involved meticulous planning, encompassing campaign design, brand activation on-site, social media engagement, PR coverage, and event management at the public village during the competition.

Leveraging the power of social media, we created a captivating motion graphic videos that promoted the festival and showcased the rich cultural heritage of Ramadan.



The multi-faceted strategy yielded remarkable results. ExxonMobil's brand visibility soared, reinforcing their role as a responsible corporate citizen. Audience engagement on social media platforms surged, generating positive conversations around both the tournament and the brand's values. The on-site brand activations and public village booth received overwhelming footfall, creating an immersive experience for visitors.


For 2018 theme “The Dugongs”, the campaigns significantly bolstered ExxonMobil's CSR efforts and led to increased awareness about the endanger species, this was measured by the reach, engagement and influence of the social media campaign.


For 13 years, our agency's strategic approaches successfully transformed the Qatar ExxonMobil Open beyond a mere tennis event into a platform that showcased ExxonMobil's commitment to business excellence, community engagement, and the nurturing of societal values.

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