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Qatar Olympic Committee
World Judo Championship 2023, Doha


The World Judo Championship 2023, set to be hosted in Doha, presented a unique challenge to our agency. As the global spotlight turned to this prestigious event, the client sought a brand identity that could not only capture the essence of judo but also reflect the rich cultural heritage of Qatar. The task was to develop a comprehensive visual identity, including a logo, brand communication materials, and the creation and naming of a mascot, all of which needed to resonate with international audiences and embody the spirit of the championship.


Our agency took on the challenge with a strategic and creative approach that aimed to unite the world of judo with the vibrant heritage of Doha.


We designed a dynamic logo that seamlessly blended the iconic elements of judo – strength, precision, and movement – with Qatar's architectural marvels. The logo incorporated a stylized judoka executing a throw, forming a graceful curve that resembled the contours of a sand dune. The color palette was carefully chosen, using a fusion of rich reds, deep blues, and golden accents to symbolize strength, determination, and excellence. We extended the brand identity across various touchpoints, including promotional materials, event signage, and digital assets. By maintaining consistent typography, color usage, and imagery, we ensured a seamless experience that reinforced the event's identity.


Our strategic approach led to impactful outcomes that enhanced the World Judo Championship 2023's branding which seamlessly blended the world of judo with Qatari culture, resonating with both local and international audiences. The mascot "Joud" was embraced by attendees, adding a relatable and friendly face to the championship and fostering engagement as many statues were placed around Doha for fans to take selfies resulting in heightened engagement across social media platforms.

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